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    Atlas, external link Amina: non, tout ne va pas bien, Huffington Post, external link Is this photo grounds for death? Manifestoes are for saps But the célibataire rencontre gratuit meilleur site pour rencontrer des filles Third Camp manifesto deserves recognition for addressing the important issues Comment is free, the Guardian, I know that there are a lot of manifesto buffs who read Comment is free, and the Manifesto of the Third Camp against. It seems to me that it is rather a better document than the Euston manifesto for a number of reasons:. Deutch Welle Radio, 9 February 2014 external link Muslim gender segregation stirs UK debate, Al Jazeera, external link Tickets on sale now for Secularist of the Year 2014, NSS newsline, external link University Challenge: secular neutrality or religious privilege? Maryam Namazie and Mona Siddiqui discuss, BBC Radio 4 Sunday, ria courts review branded a whitewash over appointment bias concerns, Independent, Panel Discussion on Chilcot, Israel, Sharia law in Britain, the veil with relations to Iran, Manoto TV, ehrus niece Nayantara Sahgal joins UK women. Theyre a product of a Britain thats losing its love of free speech, The Spectator, campus censorship: ITS worse than YOU think, BUT there IS hope, Spiked, Polite Conversation with Maryam Namazie, top, look, listen: the universitys role in counterterrorism, Times Higher Education, Oxford. Many of us have fled the Islamic lifestyle Dominic Lawson advocates for Britain (Opinion, 20 June). Feminist Current, 16 February 2016 Kerry called Daesh apostates: Heres what real ex-Muslims had to say about that, Albawaba, 5 February 2016 The danger of equating speech with violence, Spiked, 1 February 2016 Free speech: we can recognise the wrongs of the past without using. La battaglia laica e illuminista degli ex-musulmani, Micromega, 18 escorte sur marseille fredericton November 2017 Has the Independent become a part of Saudi Arabias soft power strategy, News Maven, 14 November 2017 Iran separatist leader killed in the Hague, NL Times, 9 November 2017 Interventi di Maryam Namazie, Radio. Are Gov Using his Twitter Account? Les prisons dAllah ou la critique de lislam en pays musulman, Sysiphe, Charlie Hebdo and you should do what he says, Times Live, external link Blasphemer: The right to be atheist in Palestine, siawi, Excerpt: The Tyranny of Silence by Flemming Rose. The Times, Religion is fundamentally patriarchal and anti-woman, The Freethinker, I Find That Offensive! 2006 Eye of the Storm DNA Magazine, December 2006 external link Maryam Namazie is selected as one of 2006s most intriguing people by the best selling magazine for gay men in Australia. Anywhere they (Islamists) have power, to be a woman is a crime. Anima e corpo, La Regione, external link Talking with Maryam Namazie: Stripping for Iran, NOW Lebanon, external link Nude per la rivoluzione, Ilgiornale, external link Peter Tatchell named as secularist of the year, Gay Star News, external link Queen Mary Sharia Talk goes ahead despite. A chilling expose of how british females are being sentenced to lives of misery by Muslim courts, Daily Mail, 13 November 2016 La Sharia in Europa, MicroMega, 8/2016 Leading Islamic charity told by watchdog to distance itself from those who condone violent extremism and acts. ZN, UA, external link Topless Revolution is here, Global Post, external link Donne contro. BBC Apologises, Conatus News, BBC Asian Network apologises for tweet about blasphemy, BBC, Yasmin Rehman named Secularist of the Year 2017, NSS Newsline, tifling the freedom to mock and attack will reduce our universities to irrelevant echo chambers, The Telegraph, t Some British Universities, Free. This week the true meaning of these words, hitherto eroded into a flat nap-worn cliche by overuse and misuse, comes home with the force of a kick in the belly. RT, o Sharia councils discriminate against women? Gloucestershire Live, ecularism isnt about the absence of religion, its about the structure of the state, Interview with Yasmin Rehman, New Humanist, Pakistani twitter users call for hanging of blasphemer, NSS Newsline, Blasphemy: Increased Attacks on Freethinkers, Conatus News, Freedom of Conscience, Interview with Maryam. They already have a safe space most of the world, The Guardian, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins blast leftists for betrayal of free speech, Campus Reform, Interview with Maryam Namazie, The Circled A, Resonance FM, Free Speech Is Being Defaced We Must Fight, Huffington Post, Let. Go to Your Safe Space, The Blaze, 4 December 2015 Islamic Student Society Heckles Human Rights Activist During Blasphemy Lecture, The Tower, 4 December 2015 Muslim students from Goldsmiths Universitys Islamic Society heckle and aggressively interrupt Maryam Namazie talk, The Independent, 4 December 2015 The. For Their Massive Reason Rally Event Next Month, The Blaze, Why the NUS needs to stop no-platforming, National Student, Islamist terrorism: chilling echoes of Pastor Niemoller, Open Democracy, Eksmuslim: Kritik af islamisme er et forsvar for mennesker, Kristeligt Dagblat, Why is academic freedom important?,.

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    Quando lindustria della moda si allea con gli islamisti, MicroMega, pret-A-Patriarchy, The New European, egypts Ex- Muslim Atheist Has Gone Missing. It is being promoted by people who have some personal stake in the matter: it is specifically aimed at establishing a position against military or economic warfare against Iran, and it is being sponsored by a number of Iranian opposition groups who have a decent. My report on safe spaces, no platform censorship, BBC, 26 February 2016 Salman Rushdie fatwa causes outrage, The Guardian, 25 February 2016 Sam Harris Podcast with Maryam Namazie, 25 February 2016 Euromind, ciencia para la política, El Mundo, 23 February 2016 Todays student activists only. BBC World At One, Ex-Muslim on Keeping Religion Out of Government, Interfaith Voices, Chat with Maryam Namazie on Islam The Future of Feminism, The Skeptic Feminist, Episode 5 with Maryam Namazie, Passionate Voices, 17 Skirmishes in Britains Campus Culture Wars, Heat Street, Bangladesh intellectuals speak. She is the director of the Worker-Communist Party of Irans International Relations Committee and has been named British secularist of the year. Un grup de iranience au pozat nud, Adevaril, external link Ph n Iran ngc trn phn i o Hi hà khc, Xaluan, external link International Womens Day 2012: Nude Calendar Tribute to Blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy, IBTimes UK, external link Topless Iranian women say. The British branch is led by the outstanding Maryam Namazie, Iranian-born champion of (among other things) human rights, women, and refugees from religious persecution. Namazie is of the Left. Sala piena, lo slancio cala, Corriere, Retratos das mulheres antes e depois da revoluço islâmica alimentam debate no Ir, El Pais, Maryam Namazie: «Il y a un tsunami dathéisme dans le monde musulman», Le Point, 2017 Women walking away from Islam, sister-hood, 19 December 2017.

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    Posts, 1 February 2013 external link Hijab for a day, BBC News, External link Maryam Namazie on Muslim Patrols and Islamism, Hungarian magazine Hetek,. Amina Tyler, Alaia Magda Elmahdy, Boushra Almutawake, ArtMix, external link Pedofilia legalizzata? Anger over Khatami The Herald, November 1, 2006 Maryam Namazie of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran left the country in 1980, a year after the Islamic revolution and now lives in London. Open Democracy, Law Society under growing pressure over sharia wills guidance, NSS Newsline, 19 September 2014 Episode 23: Maryam Namazie, Godless Spellchecker Podcast, external link Beware the game of shadows in Syria, The Guardian Letter, external link Kate Middleton Breaks Celeb Boycott Of The Dorchester. Daily Telegraph, 11 December 2013 external link We will fight them like the suffragettes: Protesters target Universities UK over sex segregation policy, Politics, 11 December 2013 external link The segregation of women and the appeasement of bigotry at UKs universities, The Spectator, 11 December 2013. Deals with freedom of speech, censorship and Islam. Bo możemy!, SwiatOBrazu, 13 February 2013 external link Pierwszy Światowy Dzień Hidżabu, Maryam Namazie"d on World Hijab Day, onet. ABC News, external link Charlie Hebdo: alla violenza fondamentalista rispondiamo con la laicità, Il Fatto"diano, external link The Saudis who say a liberal blogger deserves to be lashed, BBC Trending, external link Attacking Journalists, Times Union, external link Under The Guise Of Religion, Outlook. Khatami has held positions of power in Iran since Khomenis days, he represents the regime and is a defender of the supreme spiritual leader and the Islamic Republic.